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What Are Bat Bugs?

What Are Bat Bugs?

Bat bugs and bed bugs are closely related. Do you know the difference?

Every time I travel, someone always reminds me to check for bed bugs when I get to the hotel. The fear of bringing bed bugs home is ever present for many frequent travelers. Did you know, however, that there is another closely related species that you may encounter in your home? This species is Cimex adjunctus, or the bat bug. 

What’s the difference?

While bat bugs preferentially feed on humans, bat bugs prefer to feed on—surprise—bats! Many homes are improperly sealed, enabling bats to roost in the attic. When bats are present, bat bugs are more than happy to feed on them. Homeowners do not typically encounter these insects or even know they have them in their home until they seek out bat removal services. With bat bugs no longer present, the bat bugs begin to explore for other hosts. Unfortunately, humans are usually the closest suitable host that these insects find. 

Like bed bugs, bat bugs will hide in the mattress seams and other protected locations in the bedroom. Again, this is when their primary hosts, bats, are no longer present. Treatment differs between bed bugs and bat bugs, but the physical differences between these two species are so minute that a microscope is needed to differentiate them. If you have had your attic sealed or had a bat removal service performed in the last year, it is important to tell us during the inspection. We will make sure to positively identify the species in your home and treat all affected areas.

If you suspect you have a bat bug problem or simply would like an attic inspection after bat removal, contact Innovative Pest Solutions today!