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Wasps in your home this winter

Wasps in your home this winter

Have you been finding wasps in your home this winter? Read on to find out why!

Why am I finding wasps in my home?

If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you will know that many insects in the Raleigh area overwinter in homes. For ease of explanation, overwintering is kind of like hibernation. Some insects overwinter in soil, but others seek warm structures, like homes. Many species of wasps overwinter in homes. One of the most common overwintering locations in the home is the attic, because it is infrequently disturbed and often has some sort of opening to the outside (don’t forget to seal up those attic vents!). 

When insects overwinter, their bodies typically await cues to signal to them that spring has arrived. If we have several unseasonably warm days in a row during winter, their bodies may be tricked into thinking that it is spring and time to emerge. Once the wasps “wake up,” so to say, they will search for a way outdoors. Any small pinholes of light, such as from around the attic entry door, will attract the insects. In this way, wasps may migrate from your attic to your living space. 

Will they hurt me?

Yes! Even though they are newly emerged from overwintering, these wasps can still sting. Use care when trapping, killing, or otherwise removing them from your home. 

If you are finding large numbers of wasps in your home, give us a call. We can locate the overwintering site and eliminate your problem. We will even identify any openings to the outdoors and suggest sealing solutions to help prevent the problem in the future. Our long-term control options are what sets Innovative Pest Solutions apart from the competition!