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Too Cold For Pest Control?

Too Cold For Pest Control?

As I am writing this blog this morning I am looking out my office window watching the icicles form on the trees outside. The ride to our office in Raleigh this morning was a little treacherous and I am cold! If I am cold and slow moving why would the bugs be moving?

fireplace in RaleighJust as you and I are looking for a warm place to get away from the cold, so are the insects.  This time of year our regular customers tend to want to “skip” their pest control service because they look outside and see how cold it is and assume all the pests are frozen under rocks outside. That typically is not the case. Many pests like wood roaches, odorous house ants, spiders, mice remain active throughout the year, especially in our climate around Raleigh, NC where the temperature does not stay under freezing for long periods of time. Even insects such as ladybugs, kudzu bugs, and wasps that “hibernate” through cold seasons will emerge inside a house in winter when we get an unusually warm, bright sunny day.

Raleigh pest controlDuring our regular pest control treatments, we apply materials around the exterior of your home in strategic locations such as adjacent to windows and doors, around any wall penetrations that could be used as pest entry points, below eaves, around lights, etc. These materials are designed to last around 90-100 days. If your last pest control treatment was performed in mid-November, that means that by mid-February your protective barrier around your home is now gone. If you skip that February pest treatment, March is now just around the corner, when pest activity will spike, and you have no protection around your house. By doing your February pest treatment as scheduled, you are protected during the warmer days of the winter and the protective barrier is still in full force during March and April, a high activity time for unwanted pests.

So what does all this tell us?
  • Most pests in the Raleigh area are active during the entire year
  • Insects and pests are looking for warmer places for shelter
  • Our temperatures do not get below freezing for extended periods of time
  • Most of our pest control materials will last around 90-100 days around the exterior

It is important to keep your home protected from these unwanted pests every month of the year.