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Three Reasons To Work With A Safe and Effective Exterminator

Three Reasons To Work With A Safe and Effective Exterminator

Anytime work is being done in a home, it’s important to trust the person and the job. Call us biased, but we think it’s even more important to fully trust your exterminator. After all, pest control is a regularly scheduled service (as opposed to something like a home improvement service where it’s a one-and-done service) that you’ll be working with for a while, who continually will be in and out of your home.

Here are three reasons to work with a safe and effective exterminator: 

  1. Honest materials. There are some unscrupulous companies out there that do sketchy things like diluting chemicals or say their materials are organic when they may not be. In the end, this will make their services less efficient and ineffective. An effective exterminator will use professional-quality products the way they’re meant to be used so that the results are what they need to be.
  2. Honest work. A safe and effective exterminator will do the right work - sweeping down cobwebs, looking for issues, being thorough yet careful of what is being sprayed. This strikes the right balance of letting nature be nature, but keeping the family safe from pests.
  3. Continuous knowledge. A good, effective exterminator will stay up to date on available pest control products and technology, know what specific issues the local area is seeing as far as pest issues, and be able to offer the best advice and service for your home.

As with most services, taking the time to find a quality, safe and effective pest company, instead of hiring the first flyer that hits your mailbox, will result in the best pest control solution for your home and your family. Contact Innovative Pest Solutions in Raleigh to set up a safe and effective pest control plan.