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The Cost of Termite Damage to Your Home

The Cost of Termite Damage to Your Home

Termite infestation ...the words alone can send chills down the back of any homeowner who has had to deal with them before. The thought of these bugs eating away at your home is downright infuriating and gross. But what’s even more infuriating is the cost of having to deal with termite removal and damage.

Here are some of the costs of termite damage to your home:

  • Structural damage. The damage to the integrity of the home, such as floor structure and studs is of utmost importance in repairs from termite damage, and therefore a primary cost. Homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover termite damage, so most of the time, repairs from termite infestations end up being an out-of-pocket cost for homeowners.

  • Cosmetic damage. Usually, people find out about termite infestation because of cosmetic damage. While not always critical to the structure of a house, nobody wants holes, cracks and mud tubes in their home. As with structural damage, these repairs are usually covered solely by the homeowners.

  • Treatment. Treating an active termite infestation can be a lot costlier than prevention methods. To get the job done well it should be done by a trained professional with access to top-quality method and materials. Early detection and treatment are key. If left untreated too long, termite damages can require large-scale treatment methods and repairs.

  • Unaccounted costs. Dealing with termite damage can have unexpected costs associated with it. Especially if it’s large-scale damage, homeowners may be living through extensive repairs which result in having to pay for extra things like having to eat out more often while the house is being treated or repaired or even having to stay at a hotel. Also, termites can damage contents inside a home. Books, files, papers, furniture, and anything made from cellulose can be ruined or damaged.

Nobody wants to deal with all these costs. That’s why we recommend having your home protected ay an annual damage warranty as part of your pest control services and regular home maintenance. Contact Innovative Pest Solutions now to get a pest and termite control quote.