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Termites found!

Termites found!

Here are a few examples of what can be seen on a WDIR inspection. The first example above is pretty cut and dry. The company found termites, the company treated for termites, no more action is needed.

termites found

In this second example, above, the same areas were found to have termites. Except this time box #2 was checked, no control measures performed. This means some action needs to be taken to control termites. As the buyer of this property you know that termite evidence has been found and these areas have not been treated. This sometimes is “active” termites but other times is just evidence of termites. Since no control measures were performed it is assumed that nothing has ever been done to control the termites in these areas and some treatment is necessary.

termite inspection

This last example is also common. In this example it means that termites were found in these areas but there was corresponding evidence of treatment. In this case no other action is needed. As a buyer I would try to find out more information from the seller to see if the house is under a termite warranty or if there are any records of the company that performed the treatment and a treatment date.