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Sycamore Lace Bug

Sycamore Lace Bug

Here’s an interesting species that I came across today: the sycamore lace bug. A homeowner had these all over their front door and windows, and had traced their source back to the sycamore tree about ten to fifteen feet away. Only about 3mm. long, they feed on the underside of the leaves during the warm months, and overwinter under the bark when it’s cold. They rarely fly far and only occasionally find their way inside homes. Outdoor seating at restaurants and parks near sycamore trees are the most common nuisance areas.

Over many years they can cause health problems for the infested tree. Typical insecticide applications will not eliminate these pests. If you feel that you must get rid of them, you will need to contact an arborist or a qualified lawn and turf company.

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