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Spiders In Your Home – Spider Pest Control in Raleigh, NC

Spiders In Your Home – Spider Pest Control in Raleigh, NC

Spiders are a pest that seem to stick around no matter what time of year here in the Raleigh/Cary/Durham triangle area. Even during the winter they can be found in the garage and basements, but spring and summer are when they are seen in the highest numbers in the yard and in the home. Contact us for Spider Pest Control Raleigh.

Spiders in your home – Spider Pest Control Raleigh

Spiders can be divided into two main groups: the hunters and the web spinners. Usually if you’re seeing them in the living areas of your home, it means they’ve followed something in. Unlike ants or roaches, they need to catch live food to survive. For the web spinners this means building small, almost invisible, nests in corners, or taking over a whole corner of the garage with large conspicuous webbing. It is common to find insect carcases on the ground dirctly underneath these webs. Home-invading spiders are generally too small to eat large bugs like roaches, but they will wait for the various small bugs that slip through doorways, windows, and the like. Secondly, and particularly for hunting spiders, most homes provide plenty of cracks and hidden areas for them to wait for their prey. These spiders can be very fast and are sometimes refered to as jumping spiders or wolf spiders. Though sometimes found indoors, they typically will hunt in crawl spaces or around the outside of the house, claiming weep holes and pipe chases as their hiding places.

Spider Pest Control Raleigh, Cary, Durham

Spider control can be difficult, but can be accomplished with routine treatments. These treatments include an application of liquid pesticides in the areas that spiders like to live, a sweeping down of all the webs within reach, and being aware of the cracks and crevices where they like to hide. The homeowner may want to think about sealing any holes or cracks that lead into wall voids or into the home itself. This can vary from caulking pipe chases to installing screens in window frames. Windows that don’t close properly can also make an easy entry point for spiders.

Spiders are beneficial to our ecology and we don’t want to wipe them all out. But through routine pest control treatments we can keep them out of your home. Call Innovative Pest Solutions, your local pest control experts today for an inspection and treatment tailored to your home in order to get rid of these crafty pests.