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Should I be concerned about the brown recluse spider in Wake county?

Should I be concerned about the brown recluse spider in Wake county?

The brown recluse spider is a spider you’ll occasionally see in the news next to pictures of frightening bite wounds or headlines about deaths. But, should you be concerned?

The short answer is no, you probably don’t need to be too concerned about brown recluse spiders in our area; these spiders are very uncommon in Wake County. Additionally, their cryptic behavior (think hiding) makes it very unlikely that you would encounter one even in a geographic area where they are more common. 

Does this mean there aren’t any harmful spiders in Wake County? No. Black widow spiders are a fairly common pest in our area, found in protected areas that are low to the ground and not often disturbed, such as behind a box that rarely moves in the garage or in the back corner of a shed. 

Note that some common house spiders look similar to the brown recluse. It doesn’t help that many online articles about this spider feature misidentified images. If you have found a spider and are concerned, contact us for an inspection. We offer several treatment plans that target spiders and can offer you some peace of mind.