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Raleigh Pest Control: The Attic Dwelling Silverfish

Raleigh Pest Control: The Attic Dwelling Silverfish

As a locally owned Raleigh Pest Control company, we are often asked about the pests that are found in the Raleigh area and what pests Raleigh residents deal with on a regular basis. One of the pests we often see in the Triangle, NC area is Silverfish. Here is a little information on this pest and ways to help eliminate them from your Raleigh home.

What Are Attic Dwelling Silverfish?

Raleigh pest: silverfishThe adult silverfish are about one inch long, have a metallic silver/gray color, and are covered in fish-like scales. They are commonly found in Raleigh attics and crawlspaces and are attracted to cardboard boxes, old books, and magazines. Adults can lay about a hundred eggs and live about three years. They are nocturnal and can occasionally be found in bathrooms (in search of moisture) and food pantries (in search of carbohydrates and proteins). Many times silverfish will get caught in empty sink basins and in the bottom of an empty bath tub seeking moisture from the drain trap.

Ways to Prevent or Eradicate Silverfish:
  • caulk cracks and crevices in bathrooms and kitchens
  • eliminate cardboard boxes, old books, magazines, and newspapers that are stored in dark areas with low airflow
  • remove leaf and grass piles from the exterior of home foundation
  • boric acid and diatomaceous earth can be effective in infested areas
  • application of liquid or dust pesticides along with an aerosol flushing agent

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