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Raleigh Pest Control 5 Flea Facts

Raleigh Pest Control 5 Flea Facts

Innovative Pest Solutions, your Raleigh Pest Control company, begins to see an uptick in these pests after a warm fall and when the temperature begins to fall. Find below the Raleigh pest control 5 flea facts about this Raleigh, NC pest.

  • most types of fleas feed on mammals only
  • fleas tend to be found most abundantly where the pets sleep or rest
  • fleas lay their eggs in the hair of your pets, which soon fall to the floor before hatching into larvae
  • fleas prefer to live inside carpets and rugs, but will resort to cracks and crevices of wood flooring if necessary
  • flea treatments are usually not successful unless an adulticide and an insect growth regulator (IGR) is used at the same time

For more information on how to prepare your Raleigh home for a flea treatment click here .

If your home has fleas, and your unsure of how to get rid of them, call Innovative Pest Solutions, the Raleigh Pest Control Company you can trust for all your pest needs.