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Raleigh Home Inspections Milestone

Raleigh Home Inspections Milestone

In February 2016, we are proud to announce that Kevin Spillman, owner of Innovative Pest Solutions, will have been providing Raleigh home inspections for 10 years. This week (Jan 6th) marks his 3,000th home inspection.

That means approximately:

  • 3,000 dish washer cyclesRaleigh turkey
  • Opening of 4,000 electrical panels
  • 3,000 crawlspaces, slab, or basement inspections
  • 3 Opossum, 6 snakes, 1 angry turkey, and 2 flying squirrels sighted in tight quarters
  • 90,000 electrical outlets tested
  • And over 100,000 doors and windows opened and closed.

When we began offering this service in February of 2006 we had no idea that we would perform Raleigh home inspections on so many of your homes in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We now have two home inspectors to help service you better and faster. We have enjoyed working along with many of our Realtors for those 10 years and look forward to the next 10 years. Thank you from Innovative Pest Solutions and congratulations to Kevin Spillman for this huge milestone.

Raleigh Home Inspections: Why are Home Inspections so Important?

Why are Raleigh home inspections so important? Raleigh is a hot market for real estate. Buyers are often tempted to do anything to get into a home that they fall in love with. According to, “waiving the option to have a professional inspection contingent on their offer to purchase a home can have major repercussions in the long run”. Without an inspection, the Raleigh home buyer loses the chance to have a professional overview of the home they are buying. That means appliances, electrical and plumbing, heating and cooling, crawlspaces, basements, slabs, pests, doors, windows and so much more aren’t professionally inspected. Don’t skip out on your Raleigh home inspections as you consider real estate in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area.