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Put Away That Fly Swatter!

Put Away That Fly Swatter!

As a follow-up to our last blog post about house flies, we thought we would share a neat trick for trapping flies. This method uses the fly’s biology to your advantage, allowing you to remove it from your home without leaving behind a squished mess. 

What you need: a clear cup or jar, a jar lid or piece of paper or cardboard 


1. Allow the fly to land on a flat surface (the wall, a table, etc.)

2. SLOWLY move the cup or jar so it is positioned over the fly. The slower your movements, the better. Slowly lower the cup or jar until its lip touches the surface and the fly is trapped inside.

3. Likely the fly is still sitting where it landed at this point. Slide the cup (don’t lose contact with the surface) towards the fly until it contacts the fly. The fly will either begin walking up the side of the cup or will fly around inside. If it flies, allow it a few seconds to land. 

4. Once the fly is walking inside the cup, its natural behavior is to move upward. This is called negative geotropism. Lift the cup from the surface and slide a lid or piece of paper or cardboard across the opening. The fly’s negative geotropism will generally keep it from escaping the cup even without a lid underneath, however.  

5. Carry the cup outside and release the fly where it belongs . . . outside your house!

This is a fun trick to pull out when another member of your family has been swatting at a fly for the last hour with no success. Without fail, you will trap the fly and make said family member believe you are a fly whisperer!  

Finding a lot more than just the occasional, individual fly? Call us,  your local Raleigh experts! We’ll locate and eliminate the breeding and source of your problem.