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Carpet Beetles

Small, but colorful, these little buggers show up now and then on a pretty consistent basis year-round. The most common species we run into by far is the varied carpet beetle, so named due to the…

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Millipede Invasion!

“Where are all these millipedes coming from?!” The short answer is the soil. Garden millipedes prefer cool moist soil, and when the weather conditions are right they will be happy and content to…

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tiny cigarette beetle

Among the stored product pest category, the two most common are moths and beetles. To find out about stored product infesting moths scroll down to the next post. Today we’ll be talking about the…

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Daily sightings of little moths in the kitchen probably means you have an infestation of a stored product pest; in this case of the winged variety. The three most common types of these moths are the…

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drain fly on white background

A common homeowner complaint: “I have these tiny things flying around in my kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc… they are a little bigger than a gnat and are about to drive me crazy. What are these…

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