No one likes spiders. It doesn't matter if they are poisonous or not, they do not belong in your Raleigh home. With that in mind, they do serve an important role in controlling the insect population, which makes them potentially valuable. Plus, most spiders are actually harmless with only a couple of them being dangerous to humans.

In Raleigh, the most common spiders are:

  • House Spiders: They mainly live in basements and attics and produce small webs in the corners of your house. They are known for their striped legs and dark brown bodies.
  • Jumping Spiders: This one is smaller than most of the other spiders and as its name implies is known for its jumping ability. They prefer to avoid humans altogether if possible.
  • Wolf Spiders: The wolf spider has a powerful body that it uses to run its prey down since it doesn't shoot webs. While they will bite if threatened, they are not harmful to humans outside of an allergic reaction.
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: One of the most dangerous spiders you'll find, this spider has potent venom that is a danger to humans. In fact, it's so dangerous that immediate medical attention should be sought. Look for a grayish-brown body and a violin-shaped marking on its back to identify this spider.
  • Black Widow Spiders: Besides the brown recluse, this spider is also dangerous if they bite humans. Known for its shiny black body and red hourglass markings, this is one spider to avoid. If bitten, seek medical attention immediately.

Prevention Tips To Follow

While spiders are more than welcome to do their thing far away from your house, that doesn't mean you should have to worry about them inside the home. Be sure to follow these tips to prevent spiders from invading your home:

  • Eliminate entry points: Spiders hunt and track their prey. If the insect has slipped inside through a crack, then the spider will be able to do the same. Be sure to seal these and other entry points with silicone caulk to keep them outside where they belong.
  • Landscaping: Insects like an untamed environment. Since that's where their prey is, the spider likes it too. You can fix this problem by practicing good landscaping to maintain the overall population.
  • Food storage: Insects are attracted to your food and the crumbs left behind. If you don't leave this item out, they won't want to stick around. If they don't stick around, then the spiders won't either. Keep your food stored properly to keep all pests away more easily.
  • Trash storage: Nearly every pest wants to get into your trash. This includes insects. As such, spiders aren't too far behind if you don't practice proper trash management.

No More Spiders With Innovative Pest Solutions

Keeping the family safe is a serious responsibility that includes guarding against pests. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we take this seriously, which is why we know that if pests get into your house, they can put your family’s health and safety at risk. We offer pet-friendly pest control services so you get the results you need while ensuring everything is as safe as possible.
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