Ever heard of a bat bug? Yeah, not many people have. These guys may sound like a fictional creature from Halloween films, but they’re real. Although they are mostly found in the Midwest, they could be anywhere that bats live and are often confused for bed bugs.

Similar look to bed bugs. Because they are ‘cousins’ bed bugs and bat bugs look similar to each other, so people might assume they’re the same thing. The only difference is that the hair on bat bugs is longer than the hair on bed bugs. It’s very difficult to tell just by looking at them.

Blood suckers. Both bed bugs and bat bugs feast on blood, but bat bugs prefer bat blood while bed bugs go for humans... If there aren’t bats available, bat bugs will go for humans for their meal.

Bat-based. Bat bugs actually nest in bats, so they tend to be found in attics and dark spaces where bats live.

They don’t spread diseases. Just like bed bugs, these critters don’t spread diseases to humans. However, their bites are itchy and annoying.

While they may be rare in the Raleigh area, it’s still good to know the differences between bat bugs and bed bugs, especially if there are bats near your home. If you suspect you have a bat bug or bed bug issue, contact Innovative Pest Solutions. We can treat the issue and get your home bug-free.