Small, but colorful, these little buggers show up now and then on a pretty consistent basis year-round. The most common species we run into by far is the varied carpet beetle, so named due to the patterned color variance clearly visible on the adults (click here for other kitchen/garage beetles).

These tiny pests (much smaller than a ladybug) are not harmful to humans, nor the structure of your house; but they can damage natural fabrics, furs, and any decorative items made from animal or plant products.

How to get rid of them?

Find the source. The wide variety of potential breeding sources can make this a challenging task. Some examples: wool, stuffed animal trophies, silk, dead insects, dried corn, cereals, dried flower arrangements, abandoned bee or wasp nests, etc… I was recently called out to an infestation that was eventually traced back to a piece of insulation inside the crawlspace. Apparently, a mouse had been storing seeds behind it and the beetles were hatching out of them, making their way upstairs behind the dishwasher.

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