As a Raleigh Pest Control company, one of the meanest looking pests that we deal with earwigs found in Raleigh. Though earwigs look dangerous and have a set of menacing pincers on their rear-end, they are actually harmless to humans.

They are not venomous, they can’t bite or sting, and the pinch they might give you with their pincers is pretty mild. Earwigs are not only common to the Raleigh area, they can also be found in many countries throughout the world. Most earwig species found in the Raleigh, NC area feed on decaying organic matter (dead plants, compost, fallen leaves, leaf litter) and they prefer to live in dark moist areas. Not allowing decaying organic debris near your home and a routine pest control treatment around the exterior of your home will go a long way in keeping these critters out of your house.

Areas we see earwigs around Raleigh, NC homes are under landscape timbers, cracks of decks/porches, along the bottom of wet siding, around condensate drain lines for air conditioning units, under pavers and stones, under doormats, etc.

Innovative Pest Solutions is here to help with your earwigs. We are a local Raleigh Pest Control company that can take of these pests for you.