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Pests That May Be Lurking In Your Carpet

Pests That May Be Lurking In Your Carpet

Not every homeowner likes having carpet in their homes. But, if there is carpet in the home, most homeowners end up having pets or kids that lay on the carpet. However, the soft, thick fibers that make up carpet and upholstery are the perfect nesting spot for insects and pests to hide.  

One of the things that our team at Innovative Pest Solutions loves most about our jobs is protecting the families that we serve. So, as a Wake Forest pest control company, we want to share the same information as we do with our customers. 

3 common pests that our pest control company has found in Wake County homes are: 

  • Carpet Moths: This particular type of moth is very small in size with a wingspan of only 14-18 mm. Adult carpet moths typically don’t cause much damage, but their larvae are much more destructive.  A single female adult lays 100-150 eggs.  Eggs hatch in as little as four days and the small caterpillars often proceed to destroy the fibers in your carpet.  
  • Carpet Beetles: These beetles are recognized by their oval body and shiny, dark brown/black color and tend to range from 0.3-0.4 cm in size.  Like carpet moths, the adult beetles aren’t as big of a nuisance as their larvae, as they prefer pollen and nectar.  Their larvae on the other hand, will eat just about anything.   
  • Silverfish: Silverfish get their name from their appearance: a sleek, teardrop shaped body with a blue-silver or brown-grey color, measuring 12-19 mm.  They are very common insects to have in the home and will eat anything from household materials, to book bindings, clothing, dust and carpet fibers. 

All of the mentioned pests reproduce at a rapid rate and should be rid of as soon as possible. If you are concerned that any of these pest, or other pests, have invaded your home, then our pest control company in Wake Forest would love to help! Give Innovative Pest Solutions a call to help eliminate your pest problem.