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Pests in Your Christmas Tree

Pests in Your Christmas Tree

Fa la la la eww! Why are there bugs in my Christmas tree?

Nothing beats the woodsy smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree, but sometimes these trees bring little surprises with them from the tree farm. The most common organisms you may find in your tree are spiders and aphids. 


The size and types of spiders you may find in your tree will vary immensely. While finding spiders can be unnerving, keep in mind that very few spiders are harmful to people or pets, so it’s best to just leave them alone. They will eventually die and either fall from the tree or remain suspended in their webs. Simply wipe up or vacuum any dead spiders. Often, homeowners will find dozens of tiny spiders suddenly appearing on and around the tree. This unfortunate situation arises when spider eggs hidden within the tree hatch because of the warm conditions of your home. In nature, these eggs wouldn’t hatch until temperatures rise in the spring. 


Aphids are tiny (about 1/8 inch or less), sap sucking insects that are frequently found on plants and trees, including Christmas trees. You likely won’t even notice the presence of aphids until they die and fall from the tree. They will resemble little specks on the floor. 

Neither the aphids nor spiders will reproduce and infest your home. These organisms were meant for life outdoors and will not survive for long periods of time in your home. They will not cause any physical harm to people, pets, or furnishings. Contact your trusted Raleigh area pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions with any pest concerns this winter!