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Pest Proofing Your Home for the Winter

Pest Proofing Your Home for the Winter

Well it looks like the chill is in the air, the stores in Raleigh are putting up Christmas decorations, and the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back…so what does all this mean? For us in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area it means that the bugs and rodents are trying to find a warm place to settle in for the winter. Don’t let it be your home.

Roaches, spiders, mice and other pests can live throughout the year so they will be looking for a place to stay when the temperature drops outside. Mice can chew on stored products, damage wiring, and leave telltale signs all around your home. Roaches can damage and contaminate your food products and have you running through the house at 3am with a shoe trying to “eliminate” the threat. Here are some tips to help with the pest invasion and to keep your triangle home pest free during these upcoming cold months:

  • Walk around your house looking for any area that a rodent could squeeze through (size of a dime). Using caulks/steel wool, etc. try to seal up any areas found around the entire exterior of your home.
  • Time to fix the screens around the house. You can find these covering your foundation vents, attic gable vents, window, etc. access point for pest hole in screenTight, strong screen will prevent most insects and rodents from entering the home in these areas.

  • Check your crawlspace or basement for moisture. High moisture can attack many insects and can damage the wood structure of your home over time. Ventilate your crawlspace or install a dehumidifier. Make sure the vapor barrier in the crawlspace is in place.
  • Replace any damage/worn weather stripping around your doors and windows. If you can see daylight around the door/window, the pests will feel the warm air inviting them inside.
  • pests in firewoodWe know the delights of a fire on a cold day but firewood is a great harborage for many insects. Keep firewood stored away from the home and not under your deck (great way for termites to enter the home). I always drop my firewood on cement or hard ground to get insects that like to hang out under the bark of the wood to fall off before bringing the wood in the home.
  • When you’re bringing out the Christmas decoration from storage check for insect and/or rodent damage. This is a great way to bring spiders and roaches into your home from the garage or exterior storage shed.
  • Time for some spring (winter) cleaning. Stored product pest love to feed on food in the back of the pantry. Go through your entire pantry looking for expired and/or old food products. Anything expired should be thrown away to prevent this from becoming a food source. These pests love cake mixes, nuts, opened spices, etc. Pull out the refrigerator/stove and clean under these areas. This is an area that pet and people food can accumulate over the year. Indian meal moths and carpet beetles love this type of discarded food and can multiply over time.
  • ants feeding on crumbsSanitation is key for many insects and rodents. Keep the kitchen clean. All food should be kept in the original packaging if not opened. Once food is opened it should be kept in air tight containers.
  • Trash should be kept in a sealed container out of the house. Make sure that insects and rodents cannot access your trash. If recycling is kept inside the home or garage, rinse cans and bottles before putting them in the recycling receptacle.

If you have any other problems or questions don’t hesitate to give us a call. We deal with these pest problems on a daily basis and would love to help you keep a pest free home.