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Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants

“These ants are everywhere!”

We’ve been hearing a lot of this lately. Spring is always a good time for ants, but this year seems to be even worse than before. In my own yard I have found them trying to nest in: the nozzle of my water hose, the wheels of my daughter’s scooter, under a piece of plastic, and inside my mailbox. The easiest way to identify the odorous house ant is to mash one with your finger and smell it. They have a peculiar, strong odor (hence the name) and can be a challange to get rid of once they start foraging inside the house.

If you are only seeing them in one area, you might try to bait them yourself with products from the hardware store. I’ve heard that the Terro brand works well. But if you are seeing them in multiple rooms you should go ahead and call in the professionals. We can treat around the exterior foundations with Termidor (not available in stores) and place some baits along with localized treatments on the inside.

If you are seeing ants inside on a daily basis, you may want to sign up for our quarterly service. A regular treatment every three months will increase your chances of completely eradicating the problem.

Bee good!