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Mouse in the House?

Mouse in the House?

Mice are resourceful little creatures. Although they are usually content to live outdoors during the warm weather months, when it gets cold they start searching for warmer quarters… your house for example. All a mouse needs is a 1/4” gap to squeeze through which can commonly be found around a loose crawlspace door, utility lines that go through the foundation, damaged weather-stripping on garage or basement doors, doors inadvertently left open, broken or loose foundation vents, etc…

Why should you care if there is a mouse in the house? Mice can damage stored food, clothing, furniture, books, electrical wiring, and computer cables as a result of their gnawing. Salmonellosis and Hantavirus are two of the most notable diseases that can be transmitted by their urine and feces.

How can I get rid of them? Whether the work is done by a professional or a homeowner, there are basically two ways to get rid of them: baits and traps. A variety of traps can be found at your local hardware store with similar end results. Peanut butter works well as a lure. Baits can also be effective. Most mouse baits use anticoagulants as the active ingredient which causes internal bleeding if the dosage is strong enough. Being that mice are known to be “nibblers” when it comes to their eating habits, it’s important to have a high percentage of active ingredients. CAUTION!!! Mouse bait can also be dangerous to other wildlife including pets. You should give thought and care of where you place the bait.

One last note, mice can multiply quickly. They can birth 6-10 litters a year with 4-7 young per litter. Once you feel you have a problem you should try to take care of it as soon as possible.

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