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Millipedes in the Home

Millipedes in the Home

North Carolina’s humid summers bring more than just bad hair days . . . sometimes they bring unexpected pests into your home! If you are like many Raleigh homeowners in the area, you may be wondering why you’re suddenly finding millipedes in your home. 

What are millipedes?

Millipedes are classified as diplopods, not insects. Millipedes have two pairs of legs on each of their many body segments. Despite their many legs, they are generally very slow movers. They are also wingless and have two sensory antennae projecting from the head. Millipedes eat decaying organic matter.

Can they hurt me?

No, millipedes do not bite, sting, or transmit disease. Some millipedes secrete a defensive compound that may be irritating to the touch. These millipedes typically have warning coloration, such as red or yellow, and do not commonly migrate into homes. 

Where are they coming from?

Millipedes thrive in damp leaf litter. The wet weather we received this spring and early summer has helped millipede numbers soar. If you have leaf litter around the perimeter of your house, it may be serving as a harborage for these organisms. From leaf litter, millipedes may enter your house through the crawlspace, garage, or any other small openings to your house. Fortunately, these are just occasional pests and do not typically infest homes. In other words, they are unlikely to multiply/ reproduce inside your home. 

If you have concerns about millipedes in your home, call Innovative Pest Solutions. We can inspect your home for any openings and provide you with some strategies to help prevent access by millipedes and other unwanted pests.