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Keeping pests away when you have kids

Keeping pests away when you have kids


Do your kids’ habits seem to be working against your pest control efforts? 

The other night as I was picking up toys before bedtime, I discovered an ant covered piece of apple hidden under my daughter’s kitchen helper stool. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t realize having kids would make it so difficult to keep pests away. The spilled snacks, dirty hands, and juice cups leave hidden little food sources all over the house for pests. So how can you keep pests away? 

Limit the snack area. Easier said than done, I know. This is truly one of the best ways for you to reduce your chances of an infestation. By limiting the snack area, you contain the potential for spilled food or beverage to a smaller area that you can survey daily. If kids are snacking in multiple rooms, it becomes very easy for a spill to go undetected. Insects are so much better at detecting food than we are, so it’s very likely that a pest will find the spilled food before you do. 

When you think you’ve vacuumed enough, vacuum again. Even the tiniest crumbs are attractive to insects. Think about the scale of an insect and a crumb. What seems tiny to us is a huge food source for an insect. Vacuuming helps ensure even the smallest pieces of food are removed from the living areas of your home. 

Survey the area. Take some time after the kids go to bed to search for any food scraps hidden within toys, behind sofa pillows, or in the toy box. Kids are creative, so check everywhere. I found part of an apple within the toy cash register last week.

Wipe down toys. If toys feel sticky, wipe them down with a soapy, wet paper towel or a disinfecting wipe. If you remove food from a toy, wipe it down for good measure. Even the smallest amount of residue may attract an insect.  

Limit time with the door open. Do you remember your parents constantly telling you to close the door when you excitedly ran in and out of the house in the summertime? Now it’s your turn to do the same! Kids get excited and either forget to close the door or keep it in a constant state of open and closed as they run in and out of the house. Insects readily migrate inside through an open door, so try to limit the amount of time the door is open. If necessary, install a screen door to add another layer of protection. 

Schedule regular pest control. Pest control is SAFE and the best way you can ensure your home remains pest free. Give us a call today for an inspection and management plan. Kids are messy, but don’t stress! We can help you keep pests away.