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Is it Necessary to have Raleigh Pest Control Treatments During the Winter?

Is it Necessary to have Raleigh Pest Control Treatments During the Winter?

When cold weather comes to the Raleigh, NC area, bugs and insects begin to seek warmer places to live. Often this can mean your warm, cozy house. Our routine Raleigh pest control treatments during the winter around the exterior can keep those pests from gaining entrance through the windows, doors, and any cracks or crevices around your exterior siding or foundation. It’s also important to remember that here in the Raleigh, Cary, Durham triangle area, we often have warm spells during the winter months. (As we are writing this blog it is mid-December and 73 degrees outside!) Raleigh Pest Control Treatments During the WinterA day or two of sunshine will bring many of the insects like ants, roaches, spiders, back out. Your house is an ideal place for them to find the food, water, and shelter that they will be looking for. As the weather fluctuates, so will insect activity. Reducing the insect population around your home in the winter will also be beneficial in the spring. We recommend a quarterly pest control treatment (every 3 months) year around to keep any infestations to a minimum.

weatherSince Innovative Pest Solutions is a locally owned Raleigh Pest Control company, we understand the pests you may have and the climate found in our area around Raleigh. Call us today for a Raleigh Pest Control Solution.