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Insects Attracted to your rotting Pumpkin?

Insects Attracted to your rotting Pumpkin?

Is your jack-o-lantern looking even scarier now that Halloween is over? Your rotting pumpkin may be attracting many insects to your porch. Read on to learn more about these insects and what you can do to get rid of them!

Why are insects infesting my pumpkin?

Your pumpkin serves as a source of decaying organic matter, the preferred food source for many insects. Insects visit your rotting pumpkin to feed and/or lay eggs, depending on species. These are the same types of insects you may find in your compost pile, trash, or wet leaf litter. The insects are attracted by the odors emanating from the pumpkin. 

What are these insects?

Likely the most numerous insects you will find visiting your pumpkin are fruit flies. These flies are not disease carriers, but they can reach large numbers very quickly and even lay eggs in your pumpkin – that means you could have a maggot problem on your hands. Gross! You may notice some other occasional fly visitors like house flies and blow flies. Beetles and stink bug relatives may even visit your pumpkin for some unconventional trick-or-treating. 

Can they infest my house? 

Many of the insects visiting your pumpkin are capable of breeding in your home – that is, if conditions are right. If your home is poorly sealed, these insects may move inside if they detect other suitable feeding and/or breeding sites. For example, rotting food in full or dirty kitchen trash cans may attract these insects. So too may dirty dishes in the sink, sludge-filled drains, wet insulation or drywall, or other moisture control issues. If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you’ll recognize these conditions as very favorable to many different types of insects. This means that other insects could potentially infest your home if these conditions are not managed by a professional. 

How can I get rid of them? 

If the insects are contained to the pumpkin, throw it out! Place the pumpkin in a trash bag and tightly seal it closed. Store in a lidded trash can away from your home. If the insects have established themselves in your home, give Innovative Pest Solutions a call. We can inspect your home and determine why these insects have migrated indoors.