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Hungry Fleas

Hungry Fleas

A common scenario this time of year: You come home from a week long relaxing vacation, you walk through the front door, and then you notice the black dots that have accumulated on your white socks or khakis. Fleas!! And they’re awfully hungry! How did your house get infested with fleas when you weren’t even home? Hmm… Well, the answer is that your house was already infested, but you didn’t realize it.

flea under microscope

Fleas generally like to feed on a blood meal about once an hour. Their preference is a dog or a cat, but if they don’t have a choice, or if they’re really hungry, they feed on humans. When the house has been empty for a few days, they will attack the first warm body that comes through the door. Fortunately, there are some very effective products out there right now in the professional pest control industry, that with proper knowledge and training, can eliminate your fleas problem within days. Innovative Pest Solutions. A solution to all your pest needs…

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