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How Weather Fluctuations Affect Pest Populations

How Weather Fluctuations Affect Pest Populations

Changing weather conditions in the Raleigh area make for constant changes in the pest population.  Changes in temperature and changes in the amount of rainfall both have a direct impact on the number and types of pests present in our homes.

The 4 seasons and how they affect pest populations:

  • Spring: The warmer weather means breeding season for many pests.  Breeding season also means that the pests are now awake and very active.  One of the main issues we see in the springtime involve ants.  Often times, heavy rains will force ants to move to higher ground, which includes the inside of our homes.  Not only are their nests “washed” away so is their natural food sources.   Infestation of ants can quickly get out of hand if not remedied in a timely matter.

  • Summer:  NC is known for mosquitos and the headache they cause when you want to enjoy the outdoors.  Wasps and hornets often attach their nest to the side of our homes.  Ridding a home of both of these is a very simple process, making life much more enjoyable during the summer.

  • Fall:  Colder weather is on the way and pest know it.  One common occurrence in the fall are spiders.  Spiders often make their way indoors seeking a warm place to hide.  Garage areas often become inundated with spiders and their nest. 

  • Winter:  People often believe that pest issues are not a problem in the winter months and this is simply not true.  It is a true statement that insects find a place to hide in the cold months but often that place can be your home.  Many pests such as wasps will often hide in the eaves of a home or behind window shutters. Insects are not the only problem we see in the winter. Rodents will also seek refuge from the cold and move indoors. It is important to have your home inspected for mice and other rodents as well as insects.

No matter what the season, your Raleigh area home needs protections from pests!  Give us a call at Innovative Pest Solutions to schedule an appointment.