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How We Treat for Mosquitoes – Mosquito Pest Control in Raleigh, NC

How We Treat for Mosquitoes – Mosquito Pest Control in Raleigh, NC

As a Raleigh-based pest control company we know how bad the mosquitoes can get around here, particularly during the summer months. There are plenty of do-it-yourself methods for controlling these pests but most involve spraying yourself or your clothes with chemicals or buying those CO2 mosquito magnets.

Look to Innovative Pest Solutions for your mosquito pest control in Raleigh, NC. Our method involves a once a month treatment that leaves an odorless, invisible barrier throughout the warmer half of the year that will keep your yard safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.

Raleigh Mosquito Treatment Method

Our method first involves a thorough inspection of your property for potential mosquito breeding areas. Once those areas and conditions have been identified, your technician will explain what steps need to be taken in order to remove the sources of standing water or through treatment.

The bedrock of the mosquito treatment is excluding the mosquitos by not giving them any harborage. It is recommended that any containers, natural features, or other places that hold standing water be tipped, removed, or treated if they cannot be removed. This eliminates breeding grounds for the mosquitoes and will remove quite a few hiding spots.

Mosquitoes in Raleigh NC

Other areas mosquitoes like to rest or hide will be treated using one of several methods and products, each one chosen to specifically suit the needs of you and your yard. Treatment drastically reduces the number of mosquitoes for up to an entire month from areas like shrubs, trees, under decks, and any shaded or leafy areas. This leads to a yard that is protected from mosquitoes that can be occupied as soon as the applied chemical has dried.

Your technician will return once a month to inspect, exclude, and treat again. Each time he will customize the treatment based on changes to any of the factors previously discussed. So give Innovative Pest Solutions a call at 919-847-6267 to schedule your first inspection and treatment today.