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How to Prevent Termites: Our Top 3 Termite Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Termites: Our Top 3 Termite Prevention Tips

Termite colonies are one of the worst infestations you can have. When termites invade your home, they aren’t satisfied until they’ve caused thousands of dollars in damage. Each year in the US, these pests cause over 5 billion dollars of damages to homes, and unfortunately for us, termites love the North Carolina climate. 

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill and many areas in the South are in an increased zone/risk for termite activity. Unknown by many property owners, homeowner’s insurance does not cover termite damages or the cost of termite treatment. It is very important that homeowners understand the threat of termites and take the necessary steps to protect their homes. Innovative Pest Solutions offers a $1 million termite damage protection plan when we perform a termite treatment on your home. By treating and inspecting your home, Innovative Pest Solutions is protecting your biggest investment against the destructive power of termites. 

We’d love to help you protect your home. Here are a few key tips to prevent termites from coming onto your property: 

  • Remove their food sources. Get rid of old tree stumps or rotten fences. Move wood piles as far as possible from your home. Don’t continue to pile up mulch next to your house.
  • Termites love water. Repair any leaky water faucets or pipes in your home. Make sure water doesn’t accumulate near your home’s foundation by maintaining drain pipes and downspouts.  If you have a crawlspace make sure it is well ventilated with a vapor barrier in place or have a dehumidifier installed to prevent moisture build up.
  • Remove wood to soil contact. Termites love to infest wood that is in contact with the soil.  Any untreated wood such as siding, trim, form boards, etc should not touch the soil.  Pull back soil/mulch in these areas to leave a gap between the wood and soil.   

By scheduling yearly inspections and have proper monitoring in place, you can greatly reduce your risk of a termite infestation. Innovative Pest Solutions is here for your termite concerns. We offer termite control and protection services, annual termite inspections, and termite booster treatments. Don’t delay – contact us today if you have any concerns about termite activity in or near your home.