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How to Prevent Insect Entry as Temperatures Drop

How to Prevent Insect Entry as Temperatures Drop

Fall is here in Raleigh and temperatures are rapidly dropping outside, which means many insects will soon be making their way into your cozy home for the winter. How can you prevent insect entry? Read on for some tips to insect-proof your home!

Seal Openings

Before it gets too cold outside, dedicate a weekend to inspecting your home and making minor repairs. Slowly walk the perimeter of your home and check for any openings. Openings may include torn window screens, gaps in door or window seals, or cracks in windows. Seal these openings. 

Two common hiding places for insects are the attic and crawlspace. Be sure to check attic and crawlspace vents and doors for cracks, tears, or other types of openings.

Remove Debris

After visible openings are repaired, re-walk the perimeter and search for any debris touching the house. Debris may include leaf litter, grasses, and bushes. Remove or trim those items contacting the house to reduce insect harborages. 

Clean all gutters. Wet leaf litter in gutters is home to many insects. Removing this debris will reduce the number of insects near or contacting your home. 

Remove any spider webs on the outside of the home using an extendable brush or duster. This will reduce the chance that these spiders may accidentally end up in your home. 

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