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How to keep insects away when dining outdoors

How to keep insects away when dining outdoors

Don’t let insects spoil your fun this year when you dine outside. Read on for some tips to keep insects away.

Outdoor dining is oh-so-popular in the Raleigh-area during the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, insects frequently like to spoil the experience. By following these tips, you can help keep insects away from your table. 

Cover your cup. Fortunately, this step is becoming even easier as more and more restaurants are ditching plastic straws. When you’re not taking a sip, cover the top your cup with napkin, or, preferably, a coaster. Do this for any beverage– even water. 

Don’t let food sit exposed. Don’t rush through your meal but try not to let it sit around either. If there is a breadbasket, keep it covered through the duration of the meal. Call your server to remove dirty plates as quickly as possible. The longer food sits exposed on your table, the more likely it is to attract insect pests. 

Fans are your friends. If the outdoor dining area is covered and has fans, sit near one. If the fans aren’t on, ask your server to turn them on. The moving air will serve as a deterrent for many flying insects. They would much prefer to bother another diner who isn’t near a fan. 

Look for the bussing station. Many times, outdoor dining areas have a bussing station in the corner. Sit away from this area, which likely contains attractive food scraps and beverage spills. Also avoid sitting near any trash cans, even if they contain insect excluding flaps. 

Enjoy the warm weather (coming soon!) and don’t be afraid to suggest our services to the restaurant manager if you notice an outdoor dining area is especially “buggy.” We offer many commercial pest control options to help keep restaurants and other businesses pest-free!