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How to Identify a Carpenter Ant

How to Identify a Carpenter Ant

There are some pests that can be mortal enemies to wood-framed homes. The two that are the most common are carpenter ants and termites. While they both like to cause damage to wood structures, they do so for different reasons. Carpenter ants burrow in wood to create their habitat, whereas termites eat wood for survival. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with when you see pest-created damage to your home.

Here are a few ways to identify a carpenter ant:

  1. Size. Carpenter ants are big. They can be about 16 times bigger than a regular ‘picnic’ type ant, and the queen can be an inch long.
  2. Mandibles. That’s a fancy word for freaky claw-looking things. Carpenter ants use these to burrow into wood to make tunnels for their home.
  3. Color. Carpenter ants are typically black, but can be red and sometimes even red and black.
  4. Waist. Carpenter ants differ from termites because they have a narrow, constricted waist, where termites will be one long shape.

Left untreated, a carpenter ant colony and its satellites can cause damage to your home and quick action is always recommended when any issues are noticed. Since most homes in the Raleigh area are wood-framed, there is always a risk of carpenter ant damage. If you suspect that you may have carpenter ants, contact Innovative Pest Solutions today.