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How to check your hotel room for bed bugs

How to check your hotel room for bed bugs

Whether you are having a night out in Raleigh or travelling out of town for vacation,follow these helpful tips to check your hotel room for bed bugs:

  • When entering the room for the first time, leave bags at the door or in the hall (if possible) while you inspect. Do not place anything on or around the bed until you have inspected the room. This includes using a luggage stand.
  • Use your cellphone’s flashlight to look around mattress seams (pull back or remove the bedding, including mattress protectors) for evidence of bed bugs. Evidence includes the insects themselves, blood spots, excrement, shed skins (exuviae), or eggs. Keep in mind that eggs and young bed bugs may be as small as 1 mm and are light yellow in color. Blood spots and excrement are about the size of the head of a pin (or smaller!) and may be tan, rust-colored, or black in color.
  • Remove pillowcases and inspect pillows. Search also along the legs of the bed and in the space between the box spring and wooden bed frame.
  • Search behind the headboard and nightstand. These protected areas against the wall may serve as harborages for the bed bugs during the day when they are not feeding. If there are any framed pictures above the bed, check behind those as well.
  • Search the curtains in the room, especially where they meet the wall. Also check any fabric sofas or chairs by removing the cushions and searching behind them.

If you find evidence of bed bugs, immediately inform the hotel staff. Anything that entered the room with you (bags, purses, etc.) should be inspected before you transport them to a new room. The odds that you will find bed bugs in your hotel room is small, so don’t let the possibility of encountering these insects stop you from traveling. By following these steps for inspecting your hotel room, you can actively reduce your odds of being bitten or transporting bed bugs to your home.

Worried you may have brought some unintended guests home to Raleigh, NC with you? Contact your Raleigh Pest Control company Innovative Pest Solutions for a bed bug inspection.

Enjoy your trip, sleep tight, and DON’T let the bed bugs bite!