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How Do Mice Get Into The Kitchen?

How Do Mice Get Into The Kitchen?

Whether you live in the Raleigh or Durham downtown areas, the suburbs or the country, mice can be a source of annoyance, especially when they make their way to the kitchen. Not only will they chew and eat through food products and packaging, they are unsanitary and can carry disease.

So How Do Mice Get Into The Kitchen?

There are a number of ways mice get into the kitchen. A hole or crack the size of a dime is all a mouse needs to squeeze into your garage, crawlspace, or basement. These holes can be found around window casings, loose crawlspace doors, broken foundation vents, unsealed wall penetrations, and improperly adjusted garage doors. Once inside the crawlspace or basement they can make their way into the kitchen by squeezing in around the plumbing and/or electrical lines going through the floor into the kitchen. This explains the mouse droppings commonly found under the sink. Unfortunately, a clean kitchen doesn’t make much difference in preventing a mouse infestation. Stuffing steel wool around the pipes is a common way to keep mice from gaining access to your kitchen, plus baits and traps can be very effective.

If you are having problems with mice in your Raleigh, NC home, speak with the Raleigh Pest Control professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions today.