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House Flies -- Raleigh Pest Control

House Flies -- Raleigh Pest Control

House flies are fairly easy to differentiate between other flies by the two black stripes across the back of their gray bodies, their bright red eyes, and their moderate size (bigger than drain flies or fungus gnats, and smaller than horse flies or blow flies). Our innate reaction to shoo them away is justified by the fact that house flies, like most flies, are vectors for many different diseases.

House Fly in RaleighBecause of their preferred food sources and living areas, they regularly contact all kinds of bacteria and decaying material that they bring with them as they visit homes. These flies are particularly drawn to areas where garbage and other refuse is housed. They lay their eggs and feed directly on and in household waste and feces. The best way to reduce a house fly population is to identify these areas and get rid of them quickly and thoroughly. Common areas are dirty trashcans, dog or animal pens, and cat litter boxes. Sticky countertops are also attractive to house flies.

Your local, Raleigh Triangle-based pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions have the tools and training to identify these areas and to discuss options with you on how to improve these fly attracting conditions. Sometimes baits and traps can also be used, along with conventional pesticides, to get those flies under control.