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Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Honey bees have become an increasingly important issue over the past few years. Several types of honey bees have been listed as endangered due to various factors. These fascinating bees are vital to North Carolina’s ecosystem. They’re not just responsible for the honey–a lot of the food we eat would not be possible without bees.

Honey Bee at workThis is just one of several reasons that Innovative Pest Solutions does not treat for honey bees. Besides, if you treat a wall void or chimney that contains a hive of bees it will not get rid of the honey comb and all the honey, which then attracts all sorts of other pests to your home. Honey bees are best handled by professionals trained in their removal and relocation.

Bee Smart, Bee Responsible

It’s also good to remember that when bees are found on flowers or are swarming without a hive nearby, they are rarely aggressive. The only time honey bees are aggressive is when their hive is approached. At that point the guards will become aggressive and attack the threat while alerting others to it.

Because of this, honey bees found on their own should generally be left alone. Unless they pose a threat to safety (if someone living close by is allergic) or there are other factors (a large hive found at a public park, for instance) it is typically recommended they be left alone. Bee professionals have safe methods of removal and the bees will be relocated so that they can continue to contribute to their environment and, eventually, to many of the products we use every day.