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Home Inspections 101

Home Inspections 101

Home Inspections 101

Innovative Pest Solutions offers more than pest control services in the Raleigh/Durham area. Over six years ago we saw that adding Home Inspections to our list of services would be a great benefit to our customer and our business. We get questions all the time like: “What is a home inspection?” “What are you looking for during a home inspection?” This blog post is meant to give you more information about this service.

A home inspection is a snap shot of the condition of a home that you may wish to purchase. We are looking for the function of many components of the home, ensuring that they are in working condition and are safe. During our inspection we will look at the structure, electrical, siding, roof, attic, crawlspace, stoves, dishwashers, outlets, smoke detectors, etc.

All home inspectors follow guidelines, or minimum standards, from the State of North Carolina, Department of Insurance. Click here for more info. Our inspectors follow these guidelines but in many cases go above and beyond the minimum required. The point of our inspections is to give the buyer of these properties a complete picture of the condition of the home and its components so that they can make an informed decision when purchasing their home. Below find a quick list of items that we would look at during a normal home inspection. (Note this is not the entire list of inspections items but as you can see how thorough the inspection will be)


  • Run dishwasher (is it attached to cabinets, does it leak?)
  • Stove (all burners work, oven, broiler, anti-tilt device present, lights, is it level?)
  • Sink (does it drain, is it loose, does it leak, proper drain material, garbage disposal?)
  • Cabinets (hinges secured, damage to countertop, countertop loose?)
  • Flooring (tripping hazards, rips, tears, damaged?)
  • Outlets (GFCI outlets function, grounded, loose?)
  • Windows (insulated, open, latch, sealed properly?)
  • Microwave (vented properly, work, lights?)
  • Ceilings (lights work, stains?)


  • Windows (insulated, open, latch, sealed properly?)
  • Outlets (wired properly, grounded, loose from wall, missing plate covers?)
  • Doors (open, lock, latch, bind in frame?)
  • Flooring (tripping hazards, rips, tears, damaged?)
  • Walls/Ceilings (damaged, lights work, stains?)


  • Windows (insulated, open, latch, sealed properly?)
  • Outlets (wired properly, grounded, loose at wall, missing plate covers, GFCI protected?)
  • Sink (leak, does it drain, is it loose, proper drain material, drain stop?)
  • Toilet (flush, loose from floor, tank loose from base, leak, continue to run?)
  • Bath/Shower (drain, leaks, damage, caulking/sealed?)

HVACHVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

  • Unit (damaged, does it heat, does it cool, type of unit, vibrations, corrosion, adequate in size?)
  • Condensate drain (does it have a trap, evidence of clogging, does it exit the house?)
  • Ductwork (insulated, damaged, go to every room, leaks?)


  • Hot water heater, electrical panel, siding, roof, attic, crawlspace, windows, garages, exterior outlets, decks, screened in porches, steps, sidewalks, gas logs, chimneys, insulation, smoke detectors, etc.

Along with the many items that we look for there are several exclusions that go beyond the scope of a home inspection. Here are some:

  • Sewer lines beyond the foundation walls of the house (city or septic)
  • Presence of/or conditions of underground oil tanks
  • Detached buildings (can be added for additional costs)
  • Any environmental hazards such as asbestos, formaldehyde, lead, water/air quality)
  • Building codes, un-permitted areas, zoning.
  • Heat exchangers in heating units
  • Pools or spas

This year we hit the 2,000 mark in our Home Inspections and we’ve seen everything on this list from the minor (like a door not shutting properly) to the extreme (a house sliding off its foundation). A Home Inspection is a valuable tool meant to help you understand the home you’re interested in purchasing.

If you have any questions about our services feel free to give us a call (919) 847-6267.

You can also see an example of one of our reports HERE

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