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Help! I’ve Got TERMITES!

Help! I’ve Got TERMITES!

The last two Friday afternoons we have received this call from one of our customers. It is never an easy task to talk someone down from the ledge when they have just discovered termites in their home. This is one of the calls that is hard to convince that Monday morning is soon enough. Here is the play by play for this termite discovery.

The call came in from one of our customers in Raleigh. "Help! I’ve got termites! Can you be here in five minutes? The termites have eaten a picture off my wall!"

Although we like to be there as soon as possible to ease the mind of a troubled customer, this is not very easy to do on a Friday afternoon. Luckily I was finishing up a home inspection in Raleigh and had a few minutes to spare. I also was curious to see why she thought termites had anything to do with her picture falling.

termite damage on interior wall of house

I was amazed when she led me her living room and showed me where termites had eaten behind a picture/poster that was hanging on the wall. She explained that the picture fell from the wall and white “maggot” looking insects were all over her floor. As you can see from the picture and video termites had indeed eaten her picture right off of the wall.

The concerned homeowner put tape over the exit hole to keep the termites from coming out of the wall.

We then performed a full house inspection for termites to determine the extent of the problem. This video shows where we found termites in and around the crawlspace door.

And behind the front porch which is adjacent to where the termites rearranged some of the pictures in the house.

Luckily there were no major structural damages found in the crawlspace. The inspection did reveal many areas that termites were found. Also found were high moisture levels in the crawlspace that makes the wood more likely to be attacked by termites and will promote mold/mildew growth on the wooden members. We were able to give the homeowner treatment options and she is now on the schedule for treatment to prevent any further termite attack and to guarantee no more damage occurs to her home.

The homeowner knew about termites and the likelihood of having problems, even to the extent that her cousin worked in a pest control company, but like many of us we think it is always going to be found at someone else’s home, not ours. Just a reminder to have your home inspected by a professional pest control company once a year to ensure that your pictures stay where you put them!

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