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Good bed bug advice

Good bed bug advice

This article was printed in the Duke Medicine Connect magazine.

How to prevent bedbugs by getting …. SLEEP

S – Survey the area for signs of bed bug infestations, like red or dark brown spots (feces). Check cracks, nooks and crannies in walls, foot and headboards, railings, bedposts, electrical sockets, picture frames, as well as seams of mattresses, couches, and drapes.

L – Lift the mattress and other furniture items to look for bedbug hiding places.

E – Elevate all luggage and personal items to keep them away from carpets and beds. Bedbugs can find their way in. Wrap luggage in large plastic garbage bags. Also, carry and use a bedbug cover, available in both vinyl and fabric versions, on all trips.

E – Examine all luggage and personal items before returning home. The last thing you want is to bring bedbugs home with you.

P – Professional help works. Bedbugs are not easy to eradicate since chemicals used now are not as powerful as the banned DDT. Pest Management Professionals use a vaiety of wapons to do the job and can advise whether mattresses need to be discasrded.