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Get to Know Our State Insect - The Honeybee!

Get to Know Our State Insect - The Honeybee!

With spring in full gear, chances are you’ll see and hear bees buzzing around your yard. Don’t be so quick to swat them away, though. These little guys are pretty important. Honeybees are so important that they were selected as the official insect of North Carolina in 1973, and for good reason. These tiny insects are not only hard workers, but they are vital to the planet. 

Our team at Innovative Pest Solutions get quite a few phone calls about these types of bees. And while many people think of them as pests, we certainly don’t. Honeybees have an important role in our world and in our state’s history.

4 important things that Honeybees are doing around the home are:  

  1. Pollinators: Bees pollinate plants which allows plants to reproduce. This is obviously important for the planet, but it’s of special consideration in North Carolina, since a lot of the economy is based on agriculture that needs bees to pollinate.
  2. Honey and Wax: Honeybees produce honey, which has had significant uses throughout history, not just as a sweetener, but also as a health and beauty aid. They also create beeswax, which is has been used for centuries for candles and health items.
  3. Nutritious Producers: Honeybees are the only insect that create a product eaten by humans.
  4. Not Usually Aggressive: Bees die when they sting, so they aren’t out to get people. They only sting when they feel threatened.

Honeybees are vital to our ecosystem. Without them, plants would cease to exist and food sources for animals and humans would be gone as well. 

However, we understand that families may want to keep a respectful distance from bees. One of the things we help our Raleigh pest control customers with are ways to manage bees so they can thrive but not pose a danger to our homes. If you’re curious about bees and proper ways to remove them, contact us.