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Four Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Spring

Four Tips to Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Spring

As the temperatures across the Raleigh area start to rise, so will the number of bugs we’ll see. Sure, it’s part of nature and all, but nobody wants to see pests in their home. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much effort to keep a home pest-free.

Here are a few tips on how to keep pests away from your home this spring:

  1. Seal it up. Check for any cracks or gaps around the house, door frames and windows for any place that might allow pests to come in. Fix weather stripping or caulk the cracks.
  2. Remove any food sources. Keep the home tidy, and always clean up any food. This includes the outside - next time the kids are having popsicles, make sure to rinse away the melted syrup from the sidewalk, or grab those hot dog buns that somehow always end up on the ground after a cookout. Removing food sources for pests will make it less likely to attract them.
  3. Check for nests. Keep an eye out for any nesting places, ant hills or colonies of pests. This is easy enough to do as part of a lawn care routine, but it’s also a good idea to get into more neglected parts of the yard or even peek in crawl spaces.  When you find one, deal with it quickly to prevent future problems.
  4. Use preventive pest control. Prevention is key, especially in pest control. Working with a trusted pest control company to regularly treat your home will help keep your home pest-free all year round, and especially in the spring when bugs seem to be everywhere all of a sudden.

Everyone wants to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and bugs are no exception. With a little care, your home in the Triangle can remain pest-free.  To talk about pest control options, contact Innovative Pest Solutions.