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Four Reasons To Choose a Family-Owned Local Business

Four Reasons To Choose a Family-Owned Local Business

Communities thrive when the people living in them support each other. A lot of people support local shops and restaurants, but don’t think to do the same for other services. /p>

Here are a few reasons why you should support all types of local, family-owned businesses.

  1. Local knowledge. Locally based businesses have a direct link to the area, and know its special quirks. Procedures and predictions aren’t sent down from some anonymous corporate entity with no ties to our area. Instead, we deal with our surroundings and know our environment and are able to plan and react accordingly.
  2. Investing in the community. Because we are part of the community, we can help. Often, larger corporate entities allocate charitable giving to national organizations that they’ve partnered with. But local companies have the freedom to sponsor youth teams, help scout troops build storage sheds, help clean roads and do more locally-based projects.
  3. Funds stay local. When you support local businesses, the money stays local. Part of the pie isn’t being shared with a large conglomerate - it’s being re-spent locally.
  4. Local pride. Owners and employees of local companies tend to take more pride in their work. We are constantly interacting with our clients during and after business hours. If we’re not doing our jobs, we have to face the people who are unhappy. So, we do the best we can, knowing that it’s our personal reputation on the line.

At Innovative Pest Solutions, we take pride in being a locally owned and operated company. We’re happy to call the Raleigh area home and will continue to do so as long as possible. We know the specific pest control needs for our area, and how to handle them. Contact us today for a pest control quote.