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Four Pests To Look Out For In The Spring

Four Pests To Look Out For In The Spring

The Raleigh area is finally getting a taste of spring! But with the sunshine, blooming flowers and warm days comes bugs. What kind of pests can we expect in the spring?

Here are the four types of pests to look for as the weather warms up:

  1. Termites. Termites are probably the most fear-inducing pests for homeowners since they can cause extensive structural damage to a home. In the spring, termite colonies begin to swarm, look for new places to nest and for new food sources, which could be your home.
  2. Stingers. Bees, wasps, hornets….springtime is their mating season and they are out in full force. Bees are also attracted to the pollen of newly-blooming flowers
  3. Mosquitoes. Warmer weather and spring showers are the perfect combination for mosquitoes to breed.
  4. Bed bugs. While bed bugs are a risk year-round, spring break vacations tend to generate a boost in bed bug infestations.

Because of the warmer temperatures and the bump in bug-friendly food supply in the Triangle, spring is prime time for pests. To protect your home from insects, contact Innovative Pest Solutions today.