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First Day of Spring Checklist

First Day of Spring Checklist

The first day of Spring is Thursday, March 19. Are you ready for the influx of insect activity?

Insect activity will be steadily increasing in the coming weeks as the average daily temperature increases. Here’s a helpful checklist to help you prepare:

Seal openings. We’ve mentioned this several times in our blog posts. If you’ve been procrastinating, now is the time to act! Openings may be around doors or windows, in torn window screens or attic/crawlspace vents, or around any openings for power or air conditioning lines to your home. Even a tiny, quarter inch opening enables insects to enter your home. Help keep them away by inspecting your home and sealing any cracks or openings. 

It’s time for that pantry cleanout. Remember when we discussed pantry pests and a biannual pantry cleanout? The arrival of spring is a great time to go through your stash, cleaning any spilled product on shelves and discarding any old product. If any unopened products are within date, consider donating them.  

Get those leaves out of the yard. Does your yard still have leftover leaves from Fall? (Guilty!) Removing these leaves will remove the habitat of many insects. If you go out to your yard and flip over one of the old (and likely wet) leaves, you’ll probably find an insect on or under it. Removing suitable habitats makes your yard less attractive to insects. 

Cut the grass away from the house. This winter has been wet and mild. This means that your grass has probably gotten pretty tall, but it has been too wet to cut. If any grass is touching your home, mow what you can and weed whack the rest. This will reduce the odds that any insects living in that grass migrate to the home. 

Consider making pest prevention a part of your yearly Spring preparations. If you don’t already have regular pest control treatments in place, it’s not too late to schedule your first treatment before insect numbers soar. Call the experts at Innovative Pest Solutions today for an inspection and treatment plan!