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FAQ: Ladybugs

FAQ: Ladybugs

Where are the ladybugs coming from? How are they getting inside? In the Fall they are looking for a warm place to hibernate; in the Spring they are waking up and looking to mate and find aphids to eat.

How can I keep ladybugs out of my house? Windows and doors need to be tightly sealed or caulked. Weather stripping, utility pipes going through the foundation, around chimneys, etc…

Can ladybugs be harmful? Not really; unless you have asthma of sensitive respiratory allergies, a few ladybugs shouldn’t be harmful. Some species can make a stain if you try to pick them up or mash them.

Can ladybugs be beneficial? Yes! Ladybugs in their larvae and adult stages are aphid-eating machines. Throughout its lifetime a single ladybug can eat up to 5000 aphids.

Are there any home remedies for ladybug elimination? Some say ladybugs don’t like the smell of ammonia or vapor rub. If there is a particular small area that you want to keep them out of, it may be worth a try.