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Do I need pest control in the winter?

Do I need pest control in the winter?

Customers frequently ask us if pest control is needed in the winter months here in the Raleigh area. We always answer YES and here’s why!

Year-round control offers better preventative protection.

Keeping your home protected throughout the winter offers better preventative control once spring (and the large pest numbers that come with it) arrives. Without maintaining your management schedule, pesticides that were applied in the fall may be too degraded by the spring to be effective. Winter treatments will ensure applied pesticides are at effective levels once spring arrives. Our mild and often unpredictable winters mean that certain pests may become a problem earlier in the spring than they were last year or the year before, for example. Keep your home protected so you don’t have to worry about the timing of these pest issues. By continuing your monthly management schedule through the winter months, you’re also less likely to forget to schedule an appointment once spring arrives. 

Many insects head indoors for the winter. 

Have you been noticing a lot of stink bugs and ladybugs in your home? These are just two common examples of the many insects that head inside homes for the winter. Even if you don’t notice these insects in your living space, they are likely in your attic. Some homeowners are surprised to find hundreds of stink bugs when they are retrieving stored Christmas decorations from their attics. Winter pest management can help keep these pests out of your home. 

Several common house pests don’t go anywhere.

Pests like German cockroaches can maintain high population numbers throughout the winter in your heated home. If you already have a cockroach problem in your home, continued treatments are essential to reduce population numbers. If you do not have a diagnosed problem, maintaining your preventative treatments through the winter can keep you from developing a problem. 

We hope these tips have convinced you that winter pest control is essential for effective pest management and prevention. To schedule a service, call your Raleigh pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions today!