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Different types of Insect pests

Different types of Insect pests

Did you know that insect pests are categorized by the type of damage they cause or the locations they are found? Let’s learn more. 

The term “pest” is not a very descriptive label when it comes to insects. Different insects are pests in different ways. Some of the most common insect pest categories are:

Household/Structural pests. These pests infest homes and other structures, such as sheds, barns, or warehouses. These are our primary focus as a Raleigh pest control company. Some household pests are nuisance pests, meaning they don’t cause economic damage or personal injury; rather, they are a nuisance due to their breeding practices or behaviors. Other household pests cause significant economic (typically structural) damage or personal injury. If they’re in your home, whether nuisance or economically significant, we can help.  

Agricultural pests. Agricultural insect pests are those that cause economic damage to crops. This damage may stunt or kill the plants or affect the appearance of fruits or vegetables such that they’re unmarketable. Insecticides and genetically modified plants are two ways farmers try to combat the many widespread agricultural pests. Many agricultural pests are beetles or caterpillars. 

Medical/Veterinary pests. These pests affect the health of humans and/or animals. Many cause irritation or disease and others infest exposed wounds. The significance of these pests should not be underestimated — millions of deaths around the world are caused by medical/veterinary pests each year. Most of these pests are flies, including mosquitoes. 

These categories are not mutually exclusive. For example, a blow fly may be considered a nuisance pest in the home, but it also has a medical and veterinary significance in that it may infest an exposed wound. If you are concerned about any pests in your home, contact Innovative Pest Solutions today for an inspection.