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Conducive Conditions

Conducive Conditions

Another area that we will discuss on the WDIR inspection is “conducive conditions”. This pertains only to termites and not the other wood destroying insects that we look for. A conducive condition is any condition that makes your home more likely for termite attack.

We know that termites like moisture so anytime moisture and wood are associated with one another this is a likely area of termite infestation. Moisture readings in the sub-floor >20% and/or wood rot in sub-floor timbers are the most likely area. Other areas considered to be conducive is any non-pressure treated wood in contact with soil, including wood debris in crawlspace or under the deck area. The deck, no matter how high or big it is, is considered an extension of the house. Anything found under or on the deck is considered part of the house during an inspection. Homeowners…don’t store any wood under your home or under your deck! This can contribute to termite activity.